Exilis Ultra 360

What is Exilis Ultra 360 ?

Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive, FDA approved treatment that decreases skin laxity and wrinkles. The laser utilizes selective monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound technology, which heats collagen and fat and consequently tightens the skin. Common areas of treatment are the upper eyelids, jawline, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs.

How does Exilis Ultra 360 work?

This clip provides a sneak peak of how Exilis Ultra 360™️ non-invasively decreases skin laxity and wrinkles.

Exilis Ultra 360 uses energy from radiofrequency and ultrasound to heat the deeper layers of the skin. There is an alternating cycle of heat and cooling applied to the area. The heat stimulates the tightening of collagen and the formation of new collagen.

Who is a candidate for Exilis Ultra 360 ? Who is not a candidate for Exilis Ultra 360 ?

Patients who are seeking a safe, non-invasive, treatment to tighten the skin and decrease wrinkles are candidates for Exilis Ultra 360. It can be used for patients of all skin types who have mild to moderate skin laxity.

Exilis Ultra 360 should not be used on patients who are pregnant, receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, or taking anticoagulants such as coumadin and lovenox. Additionally, Exilis Ultra 360 should not be performed on patients who have extensive metal implants, pacemaker, or defibrillator. It should also not be used on patients who have active collagen disease, liver or kidney failure, active infections on the treatment areas, or took accutane/isotretinoin within the past 12 months.

Neuromodulators, such as Botox®, and filler treatments are recommended to be performed two weeks after Exilis Ultra 360 treatment. Patients who have had neuromodulator and filler treatment and thread lifts should wait at least one month before commencing Exilis Ultra 360 treatment. Patients who have had any resurfacing lasers should wait three months before receiving Exilis Ultra 360 to the treatment area.

How do you prepare for Exilis Ultra 360?

Patients are encouraged to hydrate before the procedure. Furthermore, patients who have facial or body hairs in the treatment area are recommended to shave before treatment.

What can you expect during Exilis Ultra 360?

After clinical photos are taken, a grounding pad is applied on the body and ultrasound gel is applied to the affected area. Patients are positioned lying flat to ensure full comfort. The laser handpiece is applied directly on the skin and guided over the treatment area for a few minutes. As the handpiece is massaged, it releases heat in tolerable amounts to the treatment area. There is an alternating cycle of heating and cooling which enables the safety and comfort of the treatment. After treatment is completed, the area is mildly pink and swollen and subsides over a few hours. The procedure is safe, as it does not require the use of pain medications or numbing.

What is the follow-up and aftercare for Exilis Ultra 360?

The treated area is mildly pink and swollen and subsides over a few hours. There is no downtime required with Exilis Ultra 360 and patients can resume their normal activities. Patients should not apply ice packs to the treated area.

When do I expect to see results from Exilis Ultra 360? How many treatments are required?

For best results, two treatments done within two weeks, every six months are recommended. While there is some immediate tightening of the treatment area, results are usually seen three months after treatment.

What are the potential risks for Exilis Ultra 360 ?

Side effects of the laser include discomfort, swelling, and redness of the treatment area, which subsides within a few hours after the procedure.

What are the potential costs for Exilis Ultra 360?

Please contact the office for pricing for the Exilis.

How is Exilis Ultra 360 different from the other treatments offered?

Exilis Ultra 360 can be used on its own, especially for patients who prefer a short treatment of skin laxity over the course of a number of sessions. It can also be combined with Ultherapy® to maximize tightening and lifting of the skin. There are no injections or numbing involved with the treatment, as it is highly tolerable. Exilis Ultra 360 is an effective, non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can be performed a few days before a big event and photoshoot to give the skin a boost in appearance.