RF Microneedling (Sylfirm X)

What is Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X is the first and only FDA approved radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device featuring dual wave settings. This enables the treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin by increasing collagen production while reducing redness and dark spots associated with sun damage. As a result, a number of aspects of facial rejuvenation is achieved with minimal pain and downtime.
New Bloom Dermatology is the first dermatology office to offer Sylfirm X in NYC. All treatments are performed by a board-certified dermatologist.

What is RF microneedling?

RF microneedling is the placement of heated needles into the skin. The heated needles target the dermis and generate mechanical and thermal energy to cause a wound-healing response. Our skin responds by releasing growth factors, contracting old collagen responsible for skin sagging and wrinkles and generating new collagen and elastin over three to six months by stimulating fibroblasts. It can be an effective anti-aging treatment as a result of skin tightening, decreased skin laxity, and wrinkle reduction.

How does Sylfirm X work?

Sylfirm X utilizes bipolar radiofrequency with non-insulated needles to heat the dermis in a precise manner. There is an independent coagulation occurring around each electrode, which limits the amount of heat generated as compared to other RF microneedling devices. This is significant because there is no damage to the epidermal layer or subcutaneous fat and less pain associated with the procedure.
There are eight different settings each associated with either a continuous and pulse wave mode. The continuous wave settings generate longer pulses of energy to contract old collagen and stimulate fibroblasts to generate new collagen and elastin over a period of months during a process known as collagen remodeling. This decreases skin sagging and wrinkles, increases skin tightening, and improves the skin’s tone and texture. Furthermore, the continuous wave settings can also be used for acne scars and scar reduction. The pulse wave settings generate shorter pulses of energy, which can still be used to contract old collagen and generate new collagen and elastin. In addition, the depth of the needles can be adjusted for safe use on the face, neck, and body, such as the eyelids and scalp. Pulse wave energy performed at a superficial depth of 300 microns has been shown to treat dark marks caused by sun damage and melasma by clearing senescent fibroblasts. This setting can also decrease redness associated with rosacea, melasma, and sun damage by generating enough heat to stimulate programmed cell death of blood vessels associated with these conditions.

Post-treatment photos taken six months after three treatments of Sylfirm X and topical application of exosomes show skin tightening of the perioral area and pre-jowl sulcus, decreased blood vessels on the nasal folds, and reduction of hyperpigmentation on the cheeks and chin.

What are the benefits of Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X can address multiple aspects involved in skin rejuvenation such as lifting the skin through fibro septal repositioning, increasing collagen and elastin production, and decreasing scars and pore size. Unlike other RF microneedling devices, Sylfirm X can also decrease hyperpigmentation from sun damage and melasma and redness as a result of rosacea and sun damage. Sylfirm X can be performed at very superficial settings and used to safely treat areas such as the eyelids and scalp. Other treatment areas include the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and knees. Furthermore, Sylfirm X is safe to use on all skin types. Sylfirm X is tolerable compared to other RF microneedling treatments due to the use of non-insulated needles and controlled amounts of heat generated at the dermis. Sylfirm X’s efficacy and safety is backed by over 25 clinical studies. Furthermore, Sylfirm X has been safely used on the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, knees, and elbows. The treatment does not melt subcutaneous fat.

Dr. Kil reviews the benefits of Sylfirm X.

Who is a candidate for Sylfirm X? Who is NOT a candidate for Sylfirm X?

Sylfirm X can be used for a wide variety of conditions such as skin laxity and wrinkles, acne scars, scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and rosacea.
Sylfirm X should not be used on patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, taking anticoagulants such as lovenox and coumadin, or taking isotretinoin/accutane. It should not be used on patients who have an active cold sore or skin infection and a prior history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring.
Patients who have had Botox® or other neuromodulators, fillers, thread lifts, and laser treatments such as intense pulsed light (IPL), Excel V laser, and Ultherapy® should wait at least 30 days after treatment to receive Sylfirm X treatment.

What are the steps involved with Sylfirm X?

Patients are encouraged to arrive at the office 45 minutes before the procedure for topical numbing. After the topical numbing is removed, the treatment is performed for up to one hour. After treatment, exosomes are applied. They are growth factors with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce downtime by decreasing redness, swelling, and bumps within 48 hours of treatment.
For more information on exosomes, please click here.

What are the side effects associated with Sylfirm X?

Common side effects associated with Sylfirm X include discomfort, redness, swelling, and bumps, which are reduced within 48 hours of treatment with the application of exosomes. In some cases, milia or white bumps can form on the skin, which can be extracted after treatment.

Is Sylfirm X painful?

Sylfirm X utilizes non-insulated needles with a precise amount of energy to heat the dermis. As a result, the treatment is tolerable because the heat does not extend to the epidermis or subcutaneous fat. Furthermore, the depth of the needles can be adjusted to avoid any further risk of pain.

How do I prepare for the Sylfirm X?

Patients are advised to avoid alcohol, advil, and alleve within 72 hours before and after treatment, as they interfere with wound healing. Furthermore, patients are recommended to stop the use of irritating topicals such as retinoids and hydroquinone for at least five days before treatment.

What is the aftercare for Sylfirm X?

After treatment, a layer of exosomes is applied to the treated skin to reduce swelling, redness, and bumps. The remaining exosomes can be used twice daily. The skin should be cleansed and moisturized with gentle products twice a day after treatment. Makeup can be worn one day after treatment. Sunscreen should be applied to avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation.

What should I avoid after Sylfirm X?

Patients are advised to avoid saunas, hot baths, vigorous exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption for at least 48 hours after treatment. Furthermore, any exfoliation of the treated skin should be halted for at least two weeks. Patients are advised to avoid direct sunlight for 30 days after treatment to reduce any risk of hyperpigmentation.

How many treatments of Sylfirm X are required?

Three treatments are recommended, 30 days apart, for optimal results. After the three treatments, patients may opt for additional treatments one to two years later.

When will I notice the results? How long do results last?

Patients can notice some skin tightening immediately after the procedure. There is continued improvement of wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, and redness within three to six months after the first treatment. Patients can see continued improvement 6-12 months after the first treatment as a result of the collagen remodeling process. Results last for 12-18 months, as long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid heavy sun exposure.

How does Sylfirm X compare to other RF microneedling systems, such as Morpheus?

Sylfirm X is less painful than other RF microneedling systems as a result of the use of non-insulated needles and independent coagulation of each electrode. The heat does not extend to the epidermis and subcutaneous fat, which makes the treatment more tolerable. Aggressive settings used on other RF microneedling systems can overheat the skin, which can melt the fat. Sylfirm X is not associated with persistent red bumps weeks after treatment, which has been reported with other RF microneedling systems likely as a result of poor contact of insulated needles with the skin.
Sylfirm X is the only RF microneedling device with a pulse wave mode and has the most superficial treatment depth of 300 microns. As a result, it is the only RF microneedling device that can effectively treat hyperpigmentation, melasma, redness, broken blood vessels, and rosacea and can safely be used on the eyelids to lift the skin.

Does Sylfirm X melt fat?

Sylfirm X does not melt fat. The treatment targets the dermis with controlled amounts of heat and consequently does not generate enough heat to melt the fat.

Can other laser treatments be used on the same day as Sylfirm X?

Yes, patients with hyperpigmentation and melasma can opt to combine resurfacing treatments such as Clear + Brilliant® Touch Laser and LaseMD on the same day to enhance the results.

What is the price of the Sylfirm X?

Please contact the office for pricing for single sessions and packages of three sessions by calling or texting (212) 207-0078 or emailing info@newbloomderm.com .

What else should I know about Sylfirm X at New Bloom Dermatology?

Before any treatments are scheduled, a cosmetic consultation is required to ensure that Sylfirm X is an appropriate treatment.